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Case Study

Background: Finding Innovation in Georgia Clay

KaMin and FZ partnered to develop a visceral user experience that operates at the intersection of nature and technology to create impactful customer solutions.


KaMin was in need of a new portfolio of digital and print marketing assets that could house their multitude of products and look great at the same time. From onsite photography to brochures to web development, FZ constructed high-end deliverables.


Driven by customer-focused innovation and an improved UX, FZ designed a clean search interface that clearly features KaMin’s immense reserves of kaolin clay. The vast applications of KaMin’s global products sparked FZ to build an instinctive product search that not only generates custom pdf product reports for the customer, but saves the client countless hours. The Result? An increase in global sales.

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Website Design

FZ needed to create a smart design in order to organize their many global products so customers could quickly find what they’re looking for. Using the newly branded resources, FZ pulled the concepts together in a clean infrastructure.

KaMin home page design
KaMin about page design
KaMin operations page design
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Since KaMin is in such a niche industry, FZ wanted to capture the essence of the company. We went onsite to several Kaolin Clay mines in Georgia to collect authentic photography of a typical day at KaMin.

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FZ designed the ‘Georgia Clay’ brochure for KaMin to help organize their extensive list of product applications, making it easier for clients to purchase and for the sales team to sell.

KaMin Brochure mock up
KaMin Brochure mock up
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Print Materials

In addition to the new websites, KaMin was in need of a multitude of internal print assets. FZ created colorful, branded product posters, PowerPoint templates and a one-sheet outlining the KaMin brand guidelines (logo, color and font usage standards).

KaMin Process poster mock up

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