Case Study


NEXUS’ vision is to be the “Global Benchmark in Elite and Tailored Flight Operations Services.” To help drive that vision, FZ needed to take a deep look into who NEXUS is, where NEXUS was going, and who they wanted to take along for the ride.


After acquiring Wyvern in 2014, NEXUS asked FZ to reevaluate its brand to help maintain the company’s elite status while also complementing Wyvern.


After extracting the essence of NEXUS through discovery and research, FZ developed a fresh set of brand guidelines, delivered a fully redesigned web site, and created a brand new VIP gift for premier clients.

Website Design

Applying the new branding, FZ created an easy to navigate web design with a luxury feel reflective of the NEXUS experience. The smooth interface includes a press release and events page, as well as a contact form and newsletter subscription functionality.

VIP Gift

With the help of acclaimed artist Dennis O. Collier, FZ led the creation of a limited edition sculpture for NEXUS’ principal clients to go along with a commitment to charity in their name. The cast bronze sculpture is the apropos likeness of a falcon and paired with a poem by the artist.

“Saker Wind”

– Wind,
sculpting dunes,
spirals high
to soaring embrace
as falcon flight
and saker sight;
piercing search
over endless waves
of timeless sand.

-Wind and wave,
force and feather,
weave enchantment,
Thus, seen together.

Brand Development

NEXUS was in need a new set of brand guidelines for associates and partners to use when referencing the firm. FZ raised the bar by creating a 44-page document with inspirational quotes, and summaries of the NEXUS brand identity that included core values, strategic goals, and company mission, as well as all relevant collateral material across all divisions of NEXUS.

Nexus Brand Guidelines mock up 1
Nexus Brand Guidelines mock up 2

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