Case Study


The Art of a Smart, Visual Hierarchy
Global businesses rely on John Galt to provide affordable, automated forecasting and inventory management services. FZ was tasked with defining John Galt’s brand positioning, highlighting what makes them different, and building their personality as a world-class forecasting software company.


Who is John Galt?
Knowledge, trust and flexibility are crucial to success in the software industry. John Galt was struggling to clearly communicate its brand and suite of forecast software solutions in the ever-changing SaaS industry.


Branded to Expand
Through a series of in-depth brand discovery sessions, FZ developed a smart, user-friendly solution that brought all of John Galt’s products together into a modern, cohesive software suite reflective of John Galt’s unmatched ability to configure tailored solutions for each of its customers. This unified collateral system increased brand recognition by using specified type systems, color rules and an intuitive UX across all branded material.

Brand Guidelines

Consistency is the key to any effective brand strategy

Website Design

Developing a high-end software experience

John Galt offers two distinct and robust software solutions. FZ wanted to make the content clear and understandable to any user visiting the site. With dedicated pages, the user can simply focus on their specific area of interest, while maintaining the refined John Galt brand.

Logo Design

John Galt’s brand strategy wouldn’t be complete without a well thought out logo. FZ wanted a design that would translate from John Galt to their two proprietary software solutions, ForecastX and Atlas. The final design captures the modern, yet approachable personality that is John Galt.

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