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FZ was tasked with taking a small aviation safety and compliance software company to the global stage. We supported there growth through brand design and development and supported their global strategy for growth.


For over 20 years WYVERN has set the standard for air charter operators around the globe. FZ partnered with WYVERN to develop their global brand strategy around their commitment to safety.


While WYVERN has been an industry leader for two decades, they struggled to convey exactly what it is they do in the industry. This lack of clarity made it difficult for sales and marketing to be as successful as they knew they could be considering WYVERN’s hold on private aviation.


Without reinventing a well-known name, FZ polished the brand to help Wyvern redefine its core traits and put forth a stronger, clearer marketing strategy. We also equipped them with a new portfolio of sales tools.

Brand Guidlines

FZ wanted to leave Wyvern feeling confident in applying the new branding across any future campaigns and marketing efforts.

Icon and Logo design


Logo Design

One area that needed further defining was one of WYVERN’s premiere products, WINGMAN. Lacking its own brand recognition, FZ wanted to give WINGMAN the platform it deserved. WINGMAN now has a unique logo completely independent from the Wyvern logo.

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